Ressence - Type 1 Slim White - rotative dial and subdials, hours, minutes, small second, day of the week - titanium case - retail price : 16,500€ excluding VAT. Custom green aligator / crocodile strap ordered by me for our store directly from Ressence.

Ressence, the watch company that keeps challenging the status quo of mechanical watchmaking, is excited to announce the release of the Type 1 Slim, a new thinner version of the original Type 1.

The genesis of the Type 1 Slim starts with the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), the unique in-house developed (and patented) horological unit featuring an ever-changing dial that continually orbit around one another. The purpose is a more efficient way of telling time. Information is displayed on a single surface, much like words on a piece of paper, making for improved readability. This differs than that of a traditional watch, where the hands and dial are layered on one another producing an uneven viewing plane. Composed of 107 parts, the gears in the ROCS calculates the hours and day, taking only the minute as a reference from the movement.