A true guardian of time, the Heritage Centre Seconds in steel and Funky Blue fumé dial combines the design elements of the past with the innovations of the present. From the pocket-watch inspired case to the 3-dimension Globolight® indices, this timeless watch acts as a beacon among the ever passing dimension of time. The HMC 200 movement places emphasis on the basics of time – the hours, minutes and seconds. With an incorporated automatic winding system, the HMC 200 converts the movement of your wrist into energy. The centre seconds provides time in its purest form. Strikingly minimalistic, the centre seconds hand sweeps across the dial, reminding the wearer of the fleeting nature of time. A three-dimensional element rather than a painted pigment, Globolight® is an innovative ceramic material used for luminescence. It is infused with Super-LumiNova® for a brighter and longer lasting afterglow after being charged by a source of light.