* We have graded this watch to be 98% - there are No visible scratches

The Balancier Contemporain measures in at 39.6mm, making it the smallest Greubel Forsey yet. This watch shows just the time and power reserve and the bottom third of the dial displays an oversized balance bridge and that special balance wheel. It has a large diameter of 12.6mm for optimal stability and the poising weights are recessed to minimize air friction. It's anything but typical. Finally, throughout the movement you'll find grained surfaces, black polishing, broad chamfers, and other traits you're used to in Greubel's watches.
While everything about this watch is attractive, the star of the show is the escapement. The long, two-sided balance bridge with its angles and polished surfaces and bevels is a slightly more modern take on the “one bridge to rule them all” on the Invention Piece 1. And in a clever design decision, the surfaces surrounding the escapement are mirror-polished, throwing light and a reflected image of the balance back at the wearer.
With watches like the Balancier Contemporain, Greubel Forsey is clearly executing a pivot to make its pieces more wearable and suitable for multi-occasion use.