De Bethune is revisiting its classics and reasserting its identity codes through the DB28 collection, a strongly identifiable timepiece endowed with the signature House style features and conveying its resolutely avant-garde vision of the watchmaking art. The wearer comfort of the DB28 stems from the surprising lightness, and to the presence of “floating lugs”, a patented system that easily adjusts to the size of the wrist and its various movements with the lightest tourbillon in the world. The laws of physics are implacable: to compensate for the random “abruptness” of wrist movements, the tourbillon carriage must be as lightweight as possible and present a high frequency and maximum rotation speed, along with minimum inertia. Utilising new technologies, De Bethune developed a staggeringly lightweight 0.18-gram silicon-titanium tourbillon. It is fitted inside a carriage that rotates on itself every thirty seconds – instead of the conventional 60 – and equipped with a balance-wheel oscillating at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. This tourbillon is the lightest on the market (classic tourbillons are four times heavier) and comprises 63 parts, of which the lightest weighs less than 0.0001 grams and the heaviest 0.0276 grams. On the dial side, the self-regulating twin barrels ensure a 5-day power reserve, which can be monitored with the indicator in rose gold visible through the sapphire case back.