Bovet 1822 - 19thirty - 7 days power reserve, small second - sandblasted titanium case / meteorite dial - Limited edition 8/60 pieces - retail price : 28,200 CHF excluding VAT
The dial of this special 19Thirty is pure meteorite, part of the Gibeon meteorite that is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old!
The Widmanstätten pattern (the lines you see on the dial) is only revealed after the slice of meteorite is etched using nitric acid. These lines and patterns are the result of melting and cooling in outer space over billions of years
Meteorites are always named for the places where they were found, often after a nearby town or geographic feature. The Gibeon meteorite, which is where this shard comes from, was first discovered in 1836 in the deserts of Namibia, Africa near the village of Gibeon and is thought to have landed there over 40 million years ago. The Gibeon meteorites come from broken asteroid fragments or an exploded star.
The timepiece housing this incredible dial is the 19Thirty, which has 7 days of power reserve from a single barrel. The manufacture movement is finished just like BOVET’s high complications and can be admired through the exhibition back – something BOVET pioneered back in the 1800s.
The front dial, with its light-catching pattern, is absolutely unique, thanks to the way the meteorite changes after cutting and etching.