How it works in 3 steps

When you’re in the market for your (next) dream watch, you can easily shop for your watch online. 

The reason why you should consider buying your watch at WatchSold is simple: transparency and trust is key in this market. You only want the best of the best right? When it comes to our  WatchSold certified dealers: these are partners which have been thoroughly vetted up front, we know the whole team and we know their way of doing business. Authentic watches, with warranty and hassle-free.


Find Your Watch

Have you found your (next) dream watch? You like the price? Great! Since we have lower handling fees for our selling partners, prices of the watches are a bit more affordable compared to other platforms or marketplaces. And that’s a win-win. Classic. 

Contact our partners through our safe chat service or send a price proposal. Need any assistance? Enjoy our Superior service, with real people. 


Contact & Make An Offer

Now it’s time to contact the WatchSold certified dealer and let them know that you are interested in purchasing the watch. Use our built in contact form or contact them via phone, Whatsapp etc. You can also send an offer price directly to the dealer via the “Send An Offer” button. When buying via WatchSold you always deal directly with the certified dealer. No middle men, thus getting the best possible deal.


Deal Directly & Receive Your Dream Watch

Once you & the dealer have come to an agreed price, payment is made directly to the certified dealer. WatchSold does not handle any payments, we do not take any commission, saving you the buyer & the dealer money.

All of our certified dealers have physical brick & mortar locations that you can visit to collect your watch. They can also ship your watch via a safe & secure fully insured delivery method. Either way your new watch will be in your hands with the best of service.

Shop For Your Dream Watch Now